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H6.1 - matchIT Hub for Spark - Introduction

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Apache Spark™ is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing. Apache Spark is an open-source cluster-computing framework.

The matchIT Hub for Spark product provides transformation steps that add the deduplication functionality of matchIT Hub to Spark. This allows you to find matches in and across any combination of databases supported by Spark.



Download and install Apache Spark from

Spark can be run on Windows, but Linux is the platform of choice. You can run Spark using its standalone cluster mode, on EC2, on Hadoop YARN, or on Apache Mesos. Access data in HDFS, Cassandra, HBase, Hive, Tachyon, and any Hadoop data source.


Download and install Java from


You can run the sample apps out-the-box, as-is, but if you intend to modify and rebuild them, the easiest way is using Maven and the supplied pom.xml files.

Download and install Maven from

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