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J4.1 - File Merging

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Job Master provides some basic functionality to allow 2 or more files associated with a job to be merged together into a single file. Note that only files that have been fully loaded (Steps 1-3) can be merged.  To merge files, ensure that the appropriate job is selected and then choose the merge option in the top navigation menu. Then choose Create a Merge Job and the following page will be displayed:


You must give your merge job a name, and then choose which files you would like to merge together. At the end of the merge process, a new merged file will become available for processing within the chosen job.

You can also add additional fields (i.e. non name and address fields) to the merged dataset (Create New) and then choose which field from each file will be copied into the new field.

Once the job is created, you will see it listed under the main Merge Page. Choose Run Merge to run the job and create the new merged file. You will need to click on the Refresh job option after the Run Merge to see the ID of the newly created file.


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