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J5.1 - Job Master Administration

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There are several areas of functionality within the Job Master system that can be described as administrative operations; these are listed below:

Job Archiving

When you create a job, Job Master automatically sets a flag to auto archive the job after 3 months.  From the home page, you can navigate to the Archive Management page and tweak the archiving setting for a specific job.


Managing Users

An admin user has the ability to add/delete additional users to the job master system. Users may be given a role of Admin, or simply User. A user without the admin role will not have access to any of the user management functionality.



Once you have loaded a file (Stage 1), it becomes possible to create a template based on that files layout which you can use for loading any other files from the same customer, that have the exact same file structure.

From the Processing page, click on the Update Mappings next to the Address Update process step. Scroll down the page and you will see an option to create a new template; simply give the template a name and click save.


Having saved the template, it will then become available in the Create Data Input File page.  Simply choose the file you want to load and click apply on the appropriate template and the fields will all be mapped automatically based on the template. IMPORTANT – the file structure must be exactly the same.

You can review what templates are available for the selected job from the Template Management link off the home page (see below). You also have the option to enable and disable templates here.


Email Configuration

If your SQL Server installation has a valid Database Mail Profile setup, then you can amend the appsetting table DATABASE_MAIL_PROFILE_NAME and give it the name of your profile, then configure JOB_ARCHIVE_SEND_ALERTS_TO and DATADOWNLOADRPT_SEND_ALERTS_TO with a list of recipient email addresses (use a semi colon as the email separator) that you want Job Master to email.  Job Master will then send emails at the end of the Initial Data Analysis report and also when a job is eventually archived.

For details on configuring a Database Mail Profile, please refer to SQL Server documentation.


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