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S4.2.3 - msp_GenerateNCOAAddresses -Security

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Executive Summary:

Datatech SmartSoft provides clients with up-to-the-minute address changes for all United States Addresses via the United States Postal Service (USPS). The company and USPS maintain a strong commitment to privacy while providing addressing details to individuals who live within the continental United States.



The purpose of this document is to provide clear and compelling reason(s) for Datatech SmartSoft clients to allow their databases to be updated with current USPS NCOA Link move update address information. In keeping with the USPS security regulations, clients are not able to update these addresses without first:


  1. Identification: This is accomplished through Datatech SmartSoft, Inc. NCOA Link product license keys which are uniquely generated for our clients, then verified during each Move Update job request.


  1. Communications: Datatech SmartSoft transforms customer data into a binary format prior to data transfer. This transformation ensures that customer data is not human readable.


  1. Intrusion Detection: Datatech SmartSoft takes the appropriate steps to ensure data is secure, from both internal and external sources.


  1. Auditing: All accesses to the AccuMail Move™ server are stored in a relational database including details related to time, client and activity.


Physical Network Security


Physical Security and Availability of Server(s):

Our managed servers run on HP c-class blade server systems. This enterprise solution allows full remote control of power, virtual media and virtual connection to redundant networks and storage area networks. Using the c-7000 enclosures with hot-swap fans and power supplies, the typical failures resulting in downtime on servers are virtually eliminated. Blades can be instantly swapped out in the unlikely event of a failure. These high security facilities guarantee 99.9% up time. The servers are located in the Nevada NAPs, served by a one billion dollar fiber hub with access to over 100 Tier 1 backbone with separate and redundant fiber optic paths. Our servers are located with disaster recovery as a priority and in a region that is free from ice storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, power outages and other natural disasters.


Electronic Network Security:

Electronic network security and verification is controlled by a variety of methods including binary transformation of customer data, server-side authorizations of user specific accounts and passwords, custom product licensing, database authorizations and client access auditing.


User specific Accounts and Passwords:

SmartSoft clients pass through multiple levels of security when processing each job request. The first layer is integrated operating system security where each user/password combination must have access to transfer customer binary data to the server. The second custom security layer involves validation of each user's account, password and licenses prior to processing any list. These security checks ensure that the user is valid, has the correct permissions and has adequate credits to process the job. This check passes through an additional layer of security that accesses our data storage devices where all account details are stored.


Client Access Auditing:

SmartSoft tracks certain metadata related to each job processed. Tracking usage allows Datatech SmartSoft, Inc to audit individual usage across accounts, licenses and products. This does not include tracking or durational storage of specific customer data beyond what is required for job processing.

SmartSoft tracks processing information related to each job in accordance with the standard Software Performance Requirements associated with all licensees of the NCOALink® data from the United States Post Office (USPS®). This information is generally statistical in nature and summarises monthly activity for each end user associated with each Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF). This does not include tracking or durational storage of specific customer data beyond that required for job.


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